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About Verticroft Holdings

Verticroft Holdings is a Middle East focused food security and sustainable agriculture focused holding company with portfolio companies in Agri-tech, precision agriculture cultivation, livestock breeding, food security, food distribution and F&B.

About Verticroft

Verticroft design, develop and construct IOT connected growing facilities to produce fresh green feed 365 days per annum regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

Verticroft produce 1(ONE) metric tonne of fresh feed per day using only 900 litres of water and 30 SQM of space. Our fodder is sustainable, and costs a fraction of the price of buying forage locally in the UAE.

Our fodder is full of vitamins, minerals, good fiber, high levels of crude protein and beneficial enzymes. The fodder we produce is 95% digestible.

About Verticroft Feed Solutions

We Know Feed

All of the animal feed we trade, we feed to our own livestock, giving you peace of mind. We aren’t just trading for the sake of it.

We believe in our products and supply products that we use.

Products that are good enough to produce the world’s finest lamb.

We guarantee that the feed you receive will be equivalent to or better than what you currently have.

About Verticroft Farms

Verticroft Farms is a subsidiary of Verticroft Holdings Limited.

Our mission is to deliver healthy, fresh, and environmentally friendly meat products to the citizens and residents of the Middle East.

Reducing the world’s carbon food print, lowering the cost of lamb products and delivering the highest quality lamb we can produce in the Middle East, while reducing the importation of livestock and animal feed.

Our team has a combined 150 years of experience in animal husbandry and farming.

About Desert White

Sustainably Nurtured, Distinctly Savored: The DESERT WHITE

Nestled amidst the serene dunes of the UAE lies the origin of DESERT WHITE – the embodiment of sustainable excellence from the United Arab Emirates.

Pioneering the Middle East’s journey into grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, the DESERT WHITE brings forth an experience reminiscent of the esteemed wagyu, marrying both health and culinary delight.


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Our Team

Ryan Singlehurst

Ryan Singlehurst is a serial entrepreneur and is the founder and CEO of Verticroft and co-founder and CEO of Tattykeel by Verticroft.

Ryan specializes in finance, sales and marketing. Ryan started his career as a little know commodity trading floor in Spain after serving three years in the British parachute regiment straight from leaving school at the age of 17.

Ryan quickly founded Inari capital limited, a consultancy business offering sales, marketing and structuring services with a focus on the Agritech space in 2010. Ryan has created, and built sales and marketing strategies for companies selling over 150,000,000 USD in products and services.

He founded Sample Me App which he sold to private equity in 2016, founded Ofika group which is the fastest growing subscription print company in Eastern Europe and now dedicates his full time to bringing food security to the Middle East.

Amine Ben

Amine has a diversified set of skills that make him a leading COO. Amine brings his diverse expertise taken from the start-up world as well as leading multinational companies; with over 12 years of experience ranging from launching companies in 4 continents to managing teams in excess of 200 people.

Amine has proven experience in building operations from ground zero that are efficient and scalable. Amine’s core responsibilities include improving operational efficiencies, procedures, strategic planning and product development by using advanced analytics, analytical tools, creating and maintaining models and on boarding compelling new data sets.

Amine has been with Verticroft since its inception and works directly with the CEO/Founder to ensure the support mechanisms are ready to deliver on his vision.

Verticroft Holdings

Head Office

Al Margham, Dubai Al-Ain Road, Dubai.

Dubai Farm

Al Margham, Dubai Al-Ain Road, Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Farm

E40, Abu Dhabi Al-Ain Road, Abu Dhabi.

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